Chicken Little was the original “conspiracy theorist,”  frantically warning all who would listen that the sky was falling.  It is for this reason that I picked the name theskyisfallingweb.  Unlike it’s satirical namesake, my blog will be largely about “actual” conspiracies.  Conspiracies are everywhere.  The legal definition of conspiracy is more than one person “conspiring” to commit a crime or even conceal a misdemeanor.  Politics, law, medicine, science, environment, education all are rife with conspiracy as has been the case since, well, forever.  The purpose of this blog will be to pull back the curtain using logic, fact, reason, and good humor, for if we cannot laugh at the nude emperor, there is no point in resisting.  We not only want to expose hypocrisy and criminality, we want to have some fun along the way.  So join me as we journey down multiple rabbit holes using our God given right and hopefully, ability, to think, along with a sincere desire to elevate humanity, as our guiding principle.