Trump Manifesto

“Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”

“Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” is the admittedly “catchy” phrase coined, and oft repeated, by the firebrand radio host Michael Savage.   I have been thinking about this phrase or variations on it, for a good 30 years and never completely satisfied myself that it accurately captured the totality of the affliction it purported to encapsulate.  Recently, a young English-speaking high school student injured himself playing soccer by diving to stop a shot, head-butting the goal’s frame instead.  His brave but ill-timed effort, plunged him into a 5 day coma.

To the utter shock of his family and friends, he awoke speaking (exclusively) fluent Spanish!  While I cannot claim to have had quite as dramatic a neurological transformation as this young athlete, I can say that the recently released Project Veritas videos provided an analogous jolt to my system, sending my brain into what I can only describe as an electrical storm of cross-referenced experiences accumulated over 30 years of wondering how liberals can so stubbornly push through life like a mental patient high-jacking a snow plow directly in the face of all evidence pointing toward the ruinous fruit the tree of such “philosophy” inevitably bears.  Not unlike standard anti-viral software, my intracranial CPU has apportioned a modest amount of computing power to identify threats to my sanity while simultaneously allowing the rest of my brain to operate more or less unmolested.

This election season is a decidedly, and qualitatively, different matter.  I have reluctantly, and against all instincts of wishful thinking and flights of self-reassuring fancy, arrived at the sobering realization that if Trump loses, whatever glimmers of hope remain for an increasingly undeserving America, along with what little is left of the rest of our decreasingly “free” world, will be sucked into the free-for-all globalist-run black hole cabal led by the “Wicked Witch of what’s left of the West” and her puppet masters, led by George Soros, Henry Kissinger, the Jesuit Pope et. al.  For this reason, I have re-partitioned my hard drive, dedicating a much more generous chunk to monitor the accelerating, and utterly dire, threat posed by Killary and her hunchback Bankster/Islamo-fascist/Communist/La Raza/BLM/LGBTQ, ilk.

Unfortunately, I was in the bathtub at the time of my epiphany and am not in the habit of keeping waterproof writing materials with me for just such an occasion, given their  comparative rarity.  So not too unlike the soccer player who is slowly transitioning back to English (he’d better hurry before Trump deports him [that’s the kind of cheap joke a “diseased” liberal would make in support of accepting those not even Mexico wants]), I’m piecing my gestalt revelation together from memory in bits and pieces.

My first clue that Liberalism was not just your run-of-the-mill “mental disorder” like agoraphobia or OCD, but rather a far more serious and sinister malady, was its inherent heartless and impersonal nature.  Among the first symptoms, is the spreading of a seemingly innocuous “rash” called Political Correctness.  It seems harmless enough at first with minor symptoms of “police woman” and “stewardess” being replaced with the more “neutral” terms of “police officer” and “flight attendant” respectively.  And before you can say “gender identity is a choice,” merely asking your wife (I mean “life partner with a vagina who coincidentally also identifies as female”), to make you a sandwich, becomes tantamount to rape.

One minute you’re updating your formerly caveman lexicon to include “police officer” and “flight attendant,” and before you can say he/she/other, you’re baking a lesbian wedding cake under force of law for a lovely progressive couple (let’s call them Hillary and Huma) who simultaneously think that removing a Burka in airport security is the greatest affront to due process since the Inquisition.  Feeling feverish?  Dizzy?  Fear not, it’s just a side effect of cognitive dissonance-induced progressivism and soon will pass, as long as you don’t skip a dose.  Perhaps you’d like to splash some water on your face?  There’s a transgender bathroom right over there; and don’t worry, it’s a violation of your civil rights if a 6-year-old girl objects to viewing your “junk.”

Most viruses, even the deadly ones, can feel quite benign initially. Similarly, liberalism too, can seem a mere inconvenience at first, but unlike the common cold, its veraciousness is much more like Ebola, willing to kill even its own host and ultimately itself.  In the pre-modern era, “primitive” indigenous tribes didn’t have the social safety net we “advanced” civilizations do, and so “liberalism” was indeed self-limiting.  If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat; this is why Reagan and Thatcher were viewed as primitives.  But just like Ebola is no-longer self-limiting because of the speed and complexity of modern transportation, liberalism likewise is spread much more perniciously through the speed and interconnectedness of mass, and social, media.   Indeed, PC Peer pressure in Facebook between and among adults is worse than anything they ever experienced in Junior High.  After all, what did Charlton Heston famously call political correctness… “tyranny with manners!”

Progressivism is a subtler, and infinitely more insidious curse than the immediate existential threats posed by the unambiguous “convert or die” ultimatums chanted, and brutally backed up, by ISIS. Perplexingly, Liberals have, for the time being, condoned ISIS through their conspicuous silence, and by all appearances, oxymoronically slowed their own progress in the process.  If only progressives would denounce ISIS with one tenth the feigned outrage with which they condemned the genocidal flirtations of Trump on the set of a soap opera?  But why, pray tell,  would progressives act so directly against their own interests and “values” you might ask?  Simple, in the schizophrenic name of “universal tolerance” they must keep, at all cost, their mutually exclusive philosophical plates spinning on poles i (external hypocrisy sacrificed on the altar of their perverse compulsion to preserve what they have convinced themselves is an internally consistent “philosophy” no matter how patently absurd and logically inconsistent).  It’s akin to the liar’s paradox (sometimes known as the barber’s paradox) and goes something like this:

In philosophy and logic, the classical liar paradox or liar’s paradox is the statement of a liar who states that they are lying: for instance, declaring that “I am lying” or “everything I say is false”. If they are indeed lying, they are telling the truth, which means they are lying. In “this sentence is a lie” the paradox is strengthened in order to make it amenable to more rigorous logical analysis. It is still generally called the “liar paradox” although abstraction is made precisely from the liar themself. Trying to assign to this statement, the strengthened liar, a classical binary truth value leads to a contradiction.

If “this sentence is false” is true, then the sentence is false, but if the sentence states that it is false, and it is false, then it must be true, and so on.

The barber is the “one who shaves all those, and those only, who do not shave themselves.” The question is, does the barber shave himself?

Answering this question results in a contradiction. The barber cannot shave himself as he only shaves those who do not shave themselves. As such, if he shaves himself he ceases to be a barber. Conversely, if the barber does not shave himself, then he fits into the group of people who would be shaved by the barber, and thus, as the barber, he must shave himself.

Tolerating, even rationalizing, the barbarism of ISIS is really just a convoluted progressive way of saying that no religion has any real value by asserting that all religions are essentially the same!  It’s a tired, but sadly still quite effective, Jedi mind trick to pretend that all religions and cultures are equal in order to replace them with nihilistic atheism. How ironic then that the only power now willing to meaningfully defend the West is former Soviet Russia!

This is the same logical inconsistency that would deny an otherwise defenseless  mother the right to defend her child against attack with a gun, but simultaneously celebrate that same mother’s right to vacuum out her child’s brain on its due date, a “procedure” euphemistically called “partial birth abortion” much in the same way Hillary Clinton argued that the brutal rape of a 12-year-old girl rendering said girl comatose for 5 days and infertile, was “partially consensual sex” since, according to “Killary,” the girl had a “vivid imagination and so may have sought out older men.”  Sounds like a mighty powerful Sharia Law court argument to me!  This is the famous case of the champion of women who was recorded laughing about getting her monster client off on a technicality and joking that his passing of a lie detector test forever convinced her of such tests’ unreliability.

Liberals have actually convinced themselves that by temporarily aligning with radical Islam, they will be able to use it to tear down all traditional social norms and then as if by magic, somehow convince the Califate to not throw them off buildings when their joint takeover is complete.  Liberals view this unholy alliance as a small, don’t laugh, temporary, price to pay for their final goal which will ultimately include the subjugation of Radical Islam once the PC police gain full control.

Only the intellectual perversion that is the hallmark of liberalism could coin the term Islamophobia, then transmogriphy it into a pejorative!  If the fear of beheadings, public floggings, amputations for shoplifting, stonings for being raped, drowning in cages, female genital mutilation, child marriages, polygamy, death for changing ones beliefs, etc. etc., is are irrational fears, then sign me up as president of the irrational fear club!

With the post-modern progressive trend to psychologize of everything from pedophelia to larceny as mere clinical conditions to be pitied, or worse, accepted as normal variations, it becomes impossible to grasp the true depravity of liberalism as long as it enjoys the trappings of clinical respectability.

It is decidedly abnormal to destroy one’s own language, border and culture while simultaneously claiming to be a “multiculturalists.”    Now, if you want to be honest with yourself and admit that you hate yourself, your family, your culture and all it represents and wish to replace it, like maggots taking the form of the carcass they devour, then have at it.  But “multiculturalism” is, when you actually think of it, worse than a nonsense term, it’s oxymoronic.  For to have a multi-culture is to have none at all, like non-denominational religion, or a in language, Esperanto.  One cannot throw letters into a blender and come out with a language that is equally meaningful to all who contribute.  It’s a fantasy brought on not by a medical or psychiatric condition, no my friend; it is the manifestation of moral turpitude, original sin, depravity, in a word, evil.

Evil, for the purposes of this argument, will be defined and operationalized as follows:

  1. Evil is the willful desire and intent to do harm to others, or
  2. The rationalization of the willful desire to do harm to others while attempting to deceive oneself that what one is doing is actually for the victim’s own good, even though he/she/it/questioning/transitioning/fluid doesn’t know it at the time (hence the tendency of the less enlightened to resist “progress” (that’s where “progressivism” comes from; it’s “progress” whether you agree with it or not.

All true evil must be rationalized.

Satan thought himself “misunderstood,” the brightest of Angels.  So too have most, if not all, of history’s most brutal dictators sought to rationalize their deeds for the greater good.  The eugenicist Bill Gates never says “the Earth has too many people” and I’m going to lead by example by eliminating myself with a tainted polio vaccine!  No, he’s to erudite; he will be needed to manage the cull.  So he forms a committee of like-minded and obviously superior comrades to make a list, a list that will sort the useful from the useless eaters.    All the usual suspects (I mean humanitarians) will make up this illustrious committee; Soros, Gates, Gore, Zuckerberg, Obama, Rockefeller, etc., etc.

You must find a way to ingratiate yourselves to them, or like the concentration camp victims who failed to make themselves useful, “step aside” for the greater good.

So how did Project Veritas crystallize for me 30 years of constant, but mostly subconscious, analysis of the evil (not insanity or misguidednsess) but evil, of liberalism?   It happened at the moment the DNC operative was listing in graphic detail all of the nefarious, underhanded, despicable and overtly illegal tactics used to disrupt Trump rallies and commit voter fraud.  Midstream, completely out of context, he inserts, as if to immunize himself from the stench of his depravity, that people in Ohio and Wisconsin are “racist as fu#*.  After all, if they are, according to him, “racist” no deed can be too evil.  They deserve to be mistreated just like “greedy Jews” did in 1941.  Note the self-deception sleight of hand.  Liberals try to conceal their evil by painting those who oppose them as backward, ill-informed, “Bible thumping,” superstitious, low information, hicks.  Not flattering but certainly not “evil.”  But then when the actions of liberals become overtly, indisputably, prima facie evil, then the ignorant, primitive and largely harmless “Bible thumper” morphs into “racists.”  See how that works.  The only way the liberal can rationalize his abhorrent behavior is to demonize his victim with an unforgivable and irredeemable character flaw.  This is why Killary, in a rare Freudian slip (she was probably running low on dopamine for her Parkinson’s) referred to Trump supporters as “Deplorables” and “irredeemables” for which her supporters made no apologies!    For they too must believe this in order to support Killary and not die from the shock of their own hypocrisy.

Now here’s the good news.  Just as liberals eventually run out of other people’s money, so too will they eventually be forced by overwhelming evidence, to admit their complicity in the degradation of the very society which gave them the freedom to destroy it.  We are not damned because of our sins, but by them.  Hell on Earth will come sooner rather than later with a Clinton Presidency, and short of a benevolent alien invasion,  no one, not even her “supporters” will be safe from her wrath.

Evil begets evil, and a vote for Killary will I fear, not be forgiven.  This is America’s last chance to turn its super-septic tanker around, a chance that only a truly just and forgiving God would give such an idolatrous undeserving and thankless nation.   We know that self-identified “liberals,” when compared to their less enlightened “conservative” counterparts, are:

  1. far more likely to steal,
  2. far less likely to make charitable donations (adjusted for income),
  3. far less likely to volunteer, and
  4. More likely to divorce and have children out of wedlock,

Curiously, liberals are also less happy sexually. I wonder if this has anything to do with selfishness?